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W e are very reliable with our customers. Fill needs of customer with better guidance about internet plans.Our inter speed is like rocket speed and inexpensive rates then other ISP in Badlapur.

We are support you like super hero. we are supporting customers throught email and phone call. We are solving any problem within 1 days and gives our best.

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B roadband allows you to complete your task of downloading or uploading large-sized files or multimedia content web pages much faster than a Dial-up Internet, 2G and 3G connection and thereby saving your valuable time, and giving you a superior internet experience.
A n 'Always On' Connection means that you are always connected to the internet. You just have to enter your Username and Password to gain access to the Internet. You don't need to dial any phone number.
F ixed wireless broadband provides high speed Internet access without cable, fiber or phone-line connections. Data is securely transmitted wirelessly for two-way communications cable of data, video and voice.

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